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Sugar (Refined/added)

Last Updated: Sep 14, 2016 03:47PM CEST

What is it?

It's an energy-giving source that usually comes from sugar beets or sugar canes.


Why do we need it?

Our brain needs at least 100 grams of sugar per day to be able to function, but that shouldn't be added or refined sugar; it should be healthy carbohydrates from sources like whole grain bread, fruit, vegetables and root vegetables; broken down into sugar. We don’t need refined sugar for any particular function in the body, just as a treat.


There is a recommended limit for added sugar that is maximum 5 E% of your total calorie amount, and you can see your recommendation in the day rating details.


What if I have too much?

When you eat too much added sugar it turns into fat and is stored in your body. Eating too much added sugar also increases your levels of insulin, a hormone that helps your body transport the sugar into the cells. Research has proven that having higher levels of insulin can often cause diseases such as diabetes type 2. Try to distribute your intake throughout the day and stick to the recommended amount.


Foods to eat/avoid:

You can find a lot of sugar in:

  • candy

  • chocolate

  • marmalade

  • alcohol

  • sauces (ex. hoisin, barbecue)

  • bars

  • ice cream/frozen yogurt

  • granola/cereal

  • flavored yogurt

  • juice/soft drinks

  • canned vegetables and fruit

  • bagels/ croissants/ pastries

  • cookies/ biscuits/ crackers

  • doughnuts/muffins

  • cakes/desserts

  • pies/rolls


It's really easy to reach the recommended daily lower limit of sugar, in fact it's possible to reach it in a single meal.* (Each meal contributes to over 30 grams added sugar):

- 1 bowl of flavored yogurt, 1/3 cup (40 grams) of cereal, 1 glass of orange juice

- 1 chocolate croissant, 1 glass of orange juice

- 1 chocolate bar (ex. Snickers, KitKat, Milkyway)

- 2 slices of toast, 2 tbsp of marmalade, 1 cup of hot chocolate


* Calculated for a person eating 2000 calories a day.


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