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How can I connect Health and Lifesum?

Last Updated: Sep 20, 2016 12:39PM CEST
Some general information about Health and the internal iPhone step tracker:

- you can only track steps with the iPhone itself from the model 5S and higher (Note: 5C has Health but no motion coprocessor for step tracking)

- iPads do not have Health installed so if you want to sync Lifesum data between an iPad and Health you need to first sync the data from your iPad to an iPhone and from there to Health and vice versa. If you track anything on an iPad and want to sync the data to Health you need to sync that data within 24 hours to your iPhone - otherwise the original data from the iPad will only be synced to Lifesum on the phone but not to Health

- Health has been introduced with iOS8, any operating system lower than that does not include Health. Please note that iOS8 can only be installed on iPhones from 4S and higher. It is not working on the iPhone 4


In order to connect Health with Lifesum, please go to Settings (click on the profile icon on the tab bar at the bottom of the screen and then on the next page top right hand on the settings icon) and Automatic Tracking.

Press the button Activate on top of the page. You will then be directed to Health and there you can choose to directly activate the categories:

- Active Energy
- Steps
- Walking + Running Distance
- Workouts 

If you'd like to export health data and import weight, activate these also in Settings and Automatic tracking. You will be directed to Health to decide what information you'd like to export. The weight export can also be activated under Me > Body (this option is only available if you are on the lose weight or gain weight plan).

In order to activate the water export from Lifesum to Health, please go to Settings and Water Settings and activate Export water intake to Health.

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